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Hi, I’m Verge Ascabano.

I’m a worship leader, songwriter, and a teacher. I share thoughts on worship, life and how to make a difference in the world around you.

I believe life is not meant to be lived out perfectly. Instead, we just need to embrace our brokenness and be authentic about ourselves. Only then can we live freely. 


Share Your Story

We are all stewards of our own personal stories. They are arrows in our quiver. In them lies the potential to inspire others and change cultures.

Each experience we have contributes to the story of our lives. But it’s up to us to fashion them into meaningful stories. A bad experience doesn’t have to ruin your story. You have the power to attach the right meaning to it.

David (who killed Goliath) was not free from failures in his life. He made some terrible choices but this didn’t stop him from making his story great.

You have a great story to tell. It is great because it has the imprint of God etched in the very fabric of your story. When you recognize His fingerprint, you will never see your story the same way again.

Your story is part of the greatest story this world will ever hear. It’s the story of God and how much he loves his children. It is still being written as of this moment by billions of co-writers all around the world, including you.

So go and write your story. Share it to others. If not, just share it with yourself. And you will be inspired by it. You will grow because of it. The more you share it, the more you grow and the more you inspire yourself and others because of it.


Embrace Your Brokenness

We are all broken. And no one can succeed on his own.

That’s why we need a savior. We need someone to help us in our brokenness. Good thing God came to our rescue.

Jesus taught us to pray like this: “Our Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms…”. God is our father who understands his children so well. He’s not a perfectionist who is only after our compliance. He values our connection more than our obedience. His laws show us who He is and what He expects us to do. But the law in itself cannot change us.

I’ve tried it — changing myself. It’s impossible. We can never change ourselves. That’s why we need God.

This is the good news. That in our brokenness, God did something to make us whole again.

You don’t have to fake it and try to show the world that you have it all together. Embrace your brokenness and cry out to God. “Dadda!” He is here as our father to help us even in our weakness.


Guest of Honor

The Holy Spirit is your guest of honor. But are you treating Him like one?

May we never become so familiar with the Holy Spirit to the point that we don’t honor Him any longer. Yes, He understands us and is very gentle to us. But this doesn’t mean that we can take Him for granted.

How are you treating your guest of honor today?